Meet the Maker

Sewing Queen.

Michelle Mucha

Hey! So I’m Michelle Mucha, I’m the maker of everything on here. 
I’m located in Thunder Bay, ON  

I’m not a fan of talking about myself so be prepared for this to suck.

I’ve always loved creating anything, especially my own outfits. I’ve sewn on and off my whole life. 
I started Majesty Makings after my wedding in 2019, when my amazing bridal party gifted me a cricut. I created my whole wedding (with their help of course🖤) then after all that practice I decided to start selling. 
Since then I’ve just been trying to find my creative calling, and when I picked up my grams old sewing machine that was it, LOVE. *que Whitney Huston 🎵* 

After a lot of practice, fabric testing, mistakes, a second amazing sewing machine, here I am making undergarments that I can’t get enough of (just tooten my own horn 💁🏻‍♀️) 


Because I’m not just a business but a person too .. 

I am a mom to two beautiful girls who are my world (and very well dressed 😏) 

I’m married to a local rockstar. 

My favourite and only color I like is black.

I’m a coffee addict, forever drinking Rose n Crantz. (and if it’s not coffee it’s water) 

I’m extremely shy. 

I’m not good at relaxing, I always have to be doing something. 

I have a beautiful monarch garden in the summer  

I’m a spider mom to two jumpers Celeste&Malik.

I work at a local bakery Milk and Water. 🧁