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Majesty Makings

From Loved To New

From Loved To New

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Have a tshirt that you LOVE but never grab anymore? 
Here is where you can bring it into me and I’ll turn it into a new favorite outfit 🤍

Tshirt shorts: 2 tshirts are needed at drop off! 

Plaid shirt: bring me a tshirts and I’ll match it to a plaid shirt! (Or bring your own plaid too!) 

Patchwork dresses: bring me a tshirt, let me know what colors you wanted matched to it and I’ll do the rest! 

Joggers: at least two printed shirts are required for these, you can bring more, and I’ll supply the solid colors. 

Patchwork Hoodie: bring me a printed tshirt or hoodie (one required but can drop off more if you want a bunch paired together) and I’ll supply the solid colors! 

Any questions or certain requests send me an email :) 

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